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Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Woman pointing to her beautiful smile A flawless, healthy smile is something every patient deserves. However, many people don’t think that they can afford the advanced cosmetic dentistry services they would need to achieve their desired cosmetic results. Lucky for these patients, there may be a simple, affordable solution – direct bonding. Using the same material utilized for tooth-colored fillings, the Dentistry by Design team can completely reshape your smile in a single appointment with direct bonding. Contact our Bartlesville dentist and team to find out more schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation today. We’ll evaluate your smile, and help you create a personalized cosmetic dentistry plan to deliver the brilliant look you’re after.

Who Should Consider Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding may be a great option for any patient looking for an affordable way to correct and conceal minor cosmetic flaws like chips, gaps, and stains. For patients with mostly surface-level irregularities, dental bonding may offer a single visit alternative to porcelain veneers and other more advanced cosmetic solutions. Direct bonding saves patients both time and money and can still deliver flawless, long lasting cosmetic enhancement.

How Does Dental Bonding Work?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic solution that uses composite resin to conceal smile flaws. The treatment is very comfortable, and it can typically be completed in just one appointment. We begin by numbing the area to be treated. Then, we apply an acidic etching material to the surfaces of teeth. The etchant will create a more porous surface that allows the bonding material to fuse more solidly with the tooth enamel. Next, we apply the putty-like composite resin directly to the prepared tooth or teeth. Once the malleable material is shaped into position, a curing light is used to harden it into place. We polish and shine the corrected teeth, and you leave with a picture-perfect smile in just one appointment.

How Long Will my Bonding Treatment Last?

With proper care, you can expect to maintain your enhanced smile for several years following direct bonding treatments. During regular dental checkups, we can examine your bonded teeth and make repairs to extend the life of your bonding treatment. In most cases, you can expect to maintain your improved smile for five to ten years before you will need to repair or replace the bonding material.

Will I Need to Change My Oral Hygiene Routine?

For the most part, you should be able to continue your daily tooth brushing and flossing routine coupled with regular dental checkups. However, we may encourage you to change to a softer toothbrush and less abrasive toothpaste to ensure minimal wear and extend the life of your smile. Unlike porcelain and other restoration materials, composite resin is not stain resistant. That means you will need to avoid or limit consumption of staining foods and drinks and tobacco to ensure your smile stays beautiful and bright. We’ll also make sure to take a close look at your bonded teeth during dental checkups to ensure your smile maintains its cosmetically flawless appearance.

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