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dental examDo you have Delta Dental insurance benefits? We’re so happy for you! Whether you get coverage through an individual plan or thanks to your employer, we hope you take advantage of all that your policy has to offer. It likely has a strong focus on preventive care, which can help you avoid major oral health problems and the bills that come with them.

As your Delta Dental dentist in Bartlesville, we’re here to help you understand and maximize your benefits. Read on to learn more about how your coverage works.

Delta Dental Coverage Availability and Fees

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Like most insurance plans, as long as you and/or your employer keep up with your policy’s monthly premium, you’ll receive a significant amount of help to pay for your dental services. One of Delta Dental Oklahoma’s popular plans, Delta Dental PPO – Point of Service offers coverage at the following rates when you visit an in-network provider:

All of Delta Dental’s individual and family plans come with an annual maximum, which is the greatest amount that the insurance company will pay to your dentist within a calendar year. For Delta Dental PPO – Point of Service, the annual maximum per person is $1,500. For the more basic Delta Dental PPO plan, the annual maximum is $1,000 per person.

To get the most out of your plan and reduce your out of pocket costs, it’s wise to visit an in-network dentist. “In-network” means that a care provider who has a contract with Delta that requires them to provide services at specific rates. The contract helps Delta save money, but it also helps its policyholders; insurance plans cover care at in-network dentists at greater rates than they do for out of network dentists. For example, if you have the PPO – Point of Service plan and decide to visit an in-network dental professional for a checkup and cleaning, you might not have to pay a dime for your appointment. If you visit an out of network dentist, you’ll have to pay for 30% of the cost of your treatment.

If you have questions about how best to leverage your dental benefits, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We can help you understand your coverage and even schedule treatments to minimize your out of pocket costs. For example, we might suggest that you break up major services between two calendar years so you can take advantage of two annual maximums.

Meet Monica, Our In-Office Insurance Expert

Monica, our front office coordinator, has worked in the dental field since 2013. She has plenty of experience in filing insurance claims and helping patients get the most out of their coverage. When you come in for your appointment, be sure to have your policy information with you so Monica can review it and determine how you can use it to get the treatment you need at the lowest cost possible.

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